Body Language: Further Reading

This page contains details of publications & articles relating to Body Language. The information is for research & the website cannot provide copies of the articles listed.

Published Editions

Body Language
Samuel French Ltd, 2002, ISBN 0573019576


Paul Allen: A Pocket Guide to Alan Ayckbourn’s Plays
pp.134-140 (Faber & Faber, 2004, ISBN 0571214924)
Paul Allen: Alan Ayckbourn - Grinning at the Edge
pp.248-251 (Methuen, 2001, ISBN 0413731200)
Simon Murgatroyd: Unseen Ayckbourn
(Lulu Books, 2013, ISBN 9781291676631)
Albert Reiner Glaap: Ayckbourn Country – Second Edition
pp.141-148 (Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 2004)


Bodily Obsession
Gillian Enlund, Scarborough Evening News, 15 May 1990
Alan And The Body Beautiful Business
Simon Cherry, Daily Telegraph, 18 May 1990
Weighty Issues
Charles Hutchinson, Yorkshire Evening Press, 18 May 1990
A Full Body of Work
Lynda Murdin, Yorkshire Post, 20 August 1999

Reviews (world premiere)

Controlling Our Shapes
Michael Billington, Country Life, 7 June 1990
Heads You Win, Bodies You Lose
Gerry Dempsey, Daily Express, 29 May 1990
A Topping Tale
Charles Spencer, Daily Telegraph, 23 May 1990
A King Is Back in The Saddle
Michael Coveney, Financial Times, May 1990
Body Language
Martin Hoyle, Financial Times, 24 May 1990
Fateful Flesh
Robin Thornber, The Guardian, 23 May 1990
Heads Or Tails
Paul Taylor, The Independent, 23 May 1990
Hippocratic Oafs And Scalpel Wit
Irving Wardle, Independent On Sunday, 27 May 1990
Heads We Lose With A Flabby Ayckbourn
Kenneth Hurren, Mail On Sunday, 27 May 1990
Body Language
The Observer, 27 May 1990
Comedy Is Only Skin Deep
Gillian Enlund, Scarborough Evening News, 22 May 1990
Body Language
David Jeffels, The Stage, 21 June 1990
Dark Diagnosis Of Our National Health
John Peter, Sunday Times, 27 May 1990
Shaping Up To A Change
Jeremy Kingston, The Times, 22 May 1990
The Language Of Laughter
Mike Park, Top Trader, 23 May 1990
Ayckbourn's Language Lacks Body
Charles Hutchinson, Yorkshire Evening Press, 22 May 1990
Ayckbourn Proves He Is No Computer
Bob Keogh, Yorkshire Post, 23 May 1990

Reviews (1999 Revival)

Revival Of Ayckbourn At The Top Of His Form
Charles Spencer, Daily Telegraph, 30 August 1999
Body Language
The Observer, 3 October 1999
Comedy That Tackles The Big Issues
Simon Murgatroyd, Scarborough Evening News, 25 August 1999
Body Language
Dave Windass, The Stage, 2 September 1999
Ayckbourn Revival Is Great Fun
Mike Park, Trader, 2 September 1999
Body Language, 2 September 1999
Body Language
Charles Hutchinson, Yorkshire Evening Press, 26 August 1999
Ayckbourn's Heads And Tales
Lynda Murdin, Yorkshire Post, 1 September 1999

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