Body Language: Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes offers a glimpse at some rarely known facts regarding the writing of Alan Ayckbourn's plays with material drawn from the Ayckbourn Archive at the University Of York and the playwright's personal archive.
  • Although the play is dominated by the developing relationship between the two women, Angie and Jo, it also features one of Alan’s most memorable supporting characters in the shape of Hravic Zyergefoovc. The rude and lecherous surgeon of uncertain origin speaks his own language and Alan went so far as to create a lexicon for the character - his words may not be understood, but the intentions are painfully clear most of the time!
  • For the character of Jo, a complete body-suit was created to enable the actresses to gain substantially in weight and body mass (both the actresses playing Angie and Jo were of similar slim proportions having to both have 'glamour model' and obese bodies during the course of the play). The fat-suit had to have a high degree of realism due to the proximity of the audience to the stage and included such fine detail as hair on the arm. The costume was also notorious for shocking visitors to the Stephen Joseph Theatre's wardrobe and seeing a 'skin' hanging on the costume rail!
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